Pente Studio

Vangelis Mitsakis

PENTE STUDIO's MD plays a decisive role in the creative and financial operations of the firm, managing business development and client relations.

Guide the creative team in designing and developing the concept and design with innovative methods of creative expression, ensuring functional and elegant solutions.

He attended the University Of Westminster and graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Department of Architecture) with a focus on visual composition for commercial buildings and public education through entertainment.

His broad skill-set, managerial experience in construction companies (producing and processing building materials via laboratory coordination and supervision), human resource management and quality control, allows him to give creative and conceptual direction to PENTE's design & production workshop.

Effie Kalogirou

Driving PENTE's creative vision, she ensures that our clients' expectations are well surpassed, with consistent quality and on-time delivery. She develops and applies life philosophy to commercial and residential projects.

Also, she contributes to the creation and promotion of custom objects and furniture.

A graduate of the National Technical University of Athens (Department of Architecture) with a focus on restoration and enhancement of historic buildings and monuments.

Through the study and monitoring of commercial and residential projects as an architectural consultant, and through artistic and organizational diligence fro art exhibitions and cultural events, she has the experience to ensure a clear understanding and communication in strategy design and its implementation.


Socrates Mitsakis

A graduate of the University of Westminster (School of Architecture), with an MA from London's South Bank focusing on architecture for commercial buildings, he has played a key role in architecture and design consulting for renowned architectural firms during the Olympic Games in Athens and for trade and investment firms.

Evelin Mavrou

She graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (School of Architecture) with a focus on architecture for administrative and cultural buildings.

Spiros Kontakis

His experience with a multitude of projects (residential and commercial) are well know, having been advertised to the general public through publications and popular films in the international cinema scene.

Spyros Kaprinis

Having received many awards in architectural competitions worldwide, his experience allows him to mentor PENTE's creative team.

He graduated from the University Of Westminster and holds an M.Arch. with distinction. He has taught in higher education and has participated in the design of cultural buildings, hospitals and skyscrapers. He has also worked in an international architectural firm based in London.